God is Good… No Matter What.

God is good, no matter what.

I had a lot of aspirations when I first got into ministry… to be a Senior Minister of a thriving church, to be a published author, and to share the Gospel of Christ throughout the nation.

Eight years into it and I am no longer a Senior Minister, I haven’t gotten past the point of thinking about writing a book, and very few people (although they are very important to me) actually know who I am.

God is good, no matter what.

I have had to keep on reminding myself of that truth ever since the day I got fired from my last church. Up until then I was at least a Senior Minister… I had something to grab a hold of, a light to lead me as I fought up that ladder of what I believed God had called me to be. I may not have had popularity or a book deal, but at least I had that.

It’s funny how one moment you think you’re accomplishing something in life and then, in an instant, all of that can be taken away from you. In a blink of an eye, a group of men looked at me, took my very reason for living in this world, and crushed it.

God is good, no matter what.

Trust me, I have played this over and over again in my head. I have looked for a nugget of truth in the accusations, have cried out for peace, I’ve even tried to build up a wall around my emotions so I didn’t have to think about it. I’ve done everything I know how to do to overcome all of this, and yet none of it has worked. I still hurt, I still have pain, I still feel lost.

God is good, no matter what.

This is true…I know because I’ve lived it. Despite everything I’m going through God has provided me with another full-time ministry position at a place where Heather and I can heal, He has surrounded us with supportive friends and family who have loved us through this storm, and He is encouraging us as we come to Him with our brokenness.

I’m writing this because I need to… deep down I need to understand what God wants me do with this and what He has planned for my life, but another part of me wants to help others who might be going through the same thing. If you are going through some real junk, let me say this to you:

  • Your pain doesn’t define you, God defines you.
  • God has more for you than the junk you are experiencing.
  • Never stop striving after God… like a rock-climber grasping for the next rock, never let go of God.
  • God loves you for you… yeah, He wants to change you into His image, but He still loves you even if you struggle with following Him.
  • Just because God calls you to something it doesn’t mean He’s going to place it in your hands… you may have to go through some growing pains to get there. Remember, it took David 10 years after God anointed Him as king before he sat in that throne.
  • The church is a mess and there are some horrible people in it who need Jesus just as bad as you, so relax and trust that God is changing them like He is changing you. The church might be a mess, but it’s a beautiful mess.
  • Even when God seems distant and acts as if He doesn’t care… He is right there with you, walking through the valley alongside you, helping you to get to the other side.

These are the things that I have been thinking about and leaning on over the last 8 months and it has gotten me through a lot…. my hope is that it can get you through it as well.

God is good, no matter what.

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