There are many different belief systems out in the world today about who God is and how involved He is in our lives. Some believe that god is a distant god, one who created the heavens and the earth and just sits back watching us like we’re Jersey Shore (I know, I know, old reference, but I don’t watch that junk anyway)…

That god is depressing to think of.

Others think God is slightly more active, only engaging His people when He wants to ruin their lives. Bruce Almighty compared this type of god to a bully holding a magnifying glass and we’re the ants scrambling for our lives. I compare this god to the parent who only communicate to their child through yelling or put-downs.

That god is abusive.

Stil, there are others who see God as heavily involved in their lives. They ask him for advice on what clothes they should wear that day or what decisions they should make for breakfast, or any other mundane decisions that their own brains could come up with on their own.

That god is oppressive.

I take a balanced approach… God is heavily active in my life, but He allows me to make my own decisions and to experience the consequences associated with those decisions. He is a parent with a loving heart that guides me in life and helps me take the right steps to a closer relationship…

And like any other parent would do with their child, He talks to me.

Now before you start taking my measurements for my straight jacket (At least the white would be fashionable this time of year) let me explain…

God talks to His people. I couldn’t tell you what He sounds like, but I can tell you He has spoken.

I know this crazy, but it’s only crazy for people who don’t follow Him. Jesus tells us that,

““My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me;” (John 10:27).

I asked my brother Chuck once what God sounded like and I will never forget what he told me…

“It’s like trying to hear a small whisper in a room full of noise.”


Think about it this way…

One day I was driving down the highway and one of my favorite songs came on the radio…

One thing you have to know about Paoli, IN is that there are two spots on the highway where K-love does not work, I have no idea why, it just doesn’t work…

Anyway, I was coming up to one of those spots and it started to get staticky, but because I had heard this song a thousand times before I could sing right on along without missing a beat.

That’s what it is like listening to the voice of God. At first it’s really hard to separate His voice from the static, but the more used to His voice you are, the easier it becomes.

So as you go out today, take the time to separate the noise from the voice of God and find out what He is saying to you…

I’ll tell you what He said to me next time.

Peace, Love, and Soul.

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