A Little Bit of Coffee and a Whole Lot of Jesus




I like coffee. A lot. 

It’s a culmination of a couple of things… it’s the smell, it’s the taste, it’s the process of making it… making sure the coffee to water ratio is just right so you get that perfect taste. 

SIDE NOTE: I am in no way referring to store-bought coffee. That is junk. I prefer freshly roasted, grounded-in-my-office, bold coffee (shout-out to my brother’s coffee, La Terza … do people even do shout-outs anymore?) 

Anyway, I like coffee, but I am finding it even more enjoyable when I combine it with things that I love to do. 

Last weekend I officiated a wedding for some friends of mine (congrats Rhonda and Wes) and they had live music. During that time I found myself sitting back, coffee in hand, enjoying two of the things in this world that get me to relax. 

But something strange happened. 

While I was sitting there enjoying my coffee and music, I felt closer to God. 

This feeling happened again on Sunday. That morning, the Youth Minister of our church preached and I was able to sit in the front pew, coffee in hand, worshipping with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 

And I felt closer to God. 

I felt as if I needed to test this out, so this morning I got to the office early, turned on Spotify, sat down with (you guessed it) coffee in hand, and closed my eyes.

The feeling came again. I felt closer to God.  

All three of these moments brought me closer to God… so I got to thinking… does everybody have these? 

Do we all have something we enjoy that we can infuse God into the center of? 

I found it in coffee… but can someone find it in cooking, in dancing, in working out, in running, or (in my wife’s case) cleaning? 

I think so. 

It’s not because the act that we do is magical. It’s not as if the coffee is bringing me closer to God. 

It’s coffee that has become my gateway to relaxation and when I’m relaxed and focused on God… 

I feel closer to Him

I can talk with Him

and I can hear Him talk  with me. 

I’m going to start doing this a lot more… I hope you can join me. 

Peace, Love, and Soul.

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