He did it again…


Yesterday I woke up at my normal time at 4 AM to make sure I could finish my sermon on time for morning service…

Us procrastinators love last minute deadlines…

I went through my normal routine, got showered, shaved, dressed, kissed my sleeping wife on the cheek, and went to grab my keys. 

Only one problem: I couldn’t find my church keys. 

I looked everywhere until I finally remembered that I left them inside the church the day before while officiating a wedding. 

So I drove to church in order to work on my sermon from the comfort of my van. 

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“Larry, why not just work at home?” 

Good question… it’s because I can’t focus at home… home is not a workplace, it’s a play place. 

Anyway… due to the “cramped” conditions, I worked at half the speed I normally do typing out my sermon and by the time I got let in to the church (thanks Dave) and finished my sermon it was 1 hour before service.

Since Heather and I have only one car, I hurriedly went home and grabbed her and the kids and took them back to church, prayed with my elders, and finished service prep with 10 minutes to go before service. 

To say that I was frazzled was an understatement… but when I am frazzled, He is calm. 

God has an amazing way to show us His amazing calmness when we are at our most frazzled. Jesus tells us to come to Him when we are frazzled, for His work load is easy and light. If we come to Him, He promises to give us rest. 

That’s what yesterday’s worship service did for me. It calmed me, it gave me joy, it replaced all of my frazzledness with a heart ready to lift up and praise Jesus! 

I know, ministers are supposed to have it together (that’s one of the biggest lies in the church)… but I didn’t have it together yesterday, it was God who had it… and I needed it. 

How frazzled are you today? How much do you need God to take away the stress of your life and replace it with His carefree workload? 

Learn today to give it all to God and let Him show you how awesome He truly is!

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